Product Range


The products created for engine, fuel and gear applications are marketed under the name MotorSilk®.

The range of MotorSilk® products includes:

  • MotorSilk® “Step One” Engine Flush (MSSO)
  • MotorSilk® 2 Cycle Engine Oil (MS2EO)
  • MotorSilk® Engine Treatment (MSET)
  • MotorSilk® Gasoline Additive (MSGA)
  • MotorSilk® Diesel Additive (MSDA)
  • MotorSilk® Manual Gear Treatment (MSGT)
  • MotorSilk® Automatic Transmission Fluid (MSAT)

The products created for non-engine lubrication applications are marketed under the name LubriSilk®.

The range of LubriSilk® products includes:

  • LubriSilk® Spray Lubricant (LSSP)
  • LubriSilk® Grease #2 (LS18F)
  • LubriSilk® Grease #3 – Marine (LM18F)
  • LubriSilk® Chain Lubricant (LSCL)
  • LubriSilk® Heating Fluid Lubricant (LSHFL)
  • LubriSilk® Firearm Cleaner, Lubricant and Metal Sealer (FCLMS)
  • LubriSilk® Hydraulic Fluid (LSHF)
  • LubriSilk® Turbine Fluid (LSTF)